haldecraft — Hand lotion

Five ways to get exactly what you want at HaldeCraft

Posted by A. Lorena Haldeman on

Yes, as an artist, I tend to do my own thing a lot. But one thing I love to do as well, is bring what you are thinking about, into reality. Here are five ways I can do that for you. Ceramic photo tiles: Your pet. A favorite family photo. Wedding photos. Your childhood home. Your best photo from Instagram that got the most hearts. Photos are important to you; they capture a place and a moment in time. This tile is the perfect way to memorialize that. This makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a variety of situations and...

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Bad cat! Now I have to have a sale!

Posted by 55799468 on

Who likes a surprise sale first thing in the morning? Thanks to Pretty Princess cat (pictured here snuggling her sadly-now-passed-on Old Dog), I need a new camera. Sure, I could start a Kickstarter campaign, but for just a $300 camera?! So I’ve decided to put all hand lotion and lip balm on sale instead -- use the coupon code “badcat” at checkout to get 15% off all remaining hand lotions and lip balms! Spend $100 and I might send you a free cat, too (warning: cat is clumsy)!

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