Works-in-Progress Wednesday (05/10/17)

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What are y'all working on this week? I'm working on learning how to live with knowing I only have one kidney, hahaha! (Seriously, my twenties would have been COMPLETELY DIFFERENT if I'd known I only had half a filtration system....!) But I also have a lot going on in the studio, too. Of course.

Ceramics is about 70% of my brain this week. I'm working on slab-rolling the last of the Marie dishes (I got the last three plates done yesterday, and all six mugs... today is yarn bowls). I'm trying to glaze a low-fire kiln load that will include about a dozen of the waffle cone ice cream bowls for restocks. I'm staring at those chocolate clay tiles and itching to get to glazing them so I can test out some things (but I'm making myself finish the low-fire glazing first... glaze test tiles will be my reward for when I glaze enough of the other things to load up Big Geek).

In soap, not a single thing is happening. In about two weeks I'll start making a list of soaps to restock, with an eye on making soap the last week of May. And about a week before that (oh! that means the end of next week!) I'll mail out the May subscription soap.

Yarn is taking up almost the other 30% of my brain. I've finished dyeing up all of yarn club, and winding the May yarn. I'll be mailing out International tomorrow (maybe today) and Domestic next week. Yesterday I meant to start on dyeing up restocks of sold out colorways, but I needed a break from my dye pot alarm. Today I'll get all that together! Oh, and I'm going to test out a new limited edition colorway. I've tried it once already last week, but it came out too dark (y'all know I love me some rich colors) and I really wanted something a little more pastel this time - take me out of my comfort zone. So I'm going to try it again.

In other things... hmm. Are there any other things? I'm knitting up a test color that I can't show off yet, and I have a boring pair of stockinette socks on the needles that I'm trying to get past the heel on so that I have something I don't need to look at that I can take to movies with me. We want to see Guardians, and although I'm sure it's going to be terrible I am contractually obligated by my childhood love of the character of Ellen Ripley to see all Aliens movies regardless. I'm just hoping Covenant isn't as wretched as Prometheus. So, anyway, I need some stockinette knitting for those.

That's about it for me this week... what about y'all? What are you working on? What's going on with you?

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