Sewing Machine planter

  • $25.00

Show of hands - who has more than one sewing machine? Who has more than two? If you are that person, or know that person, you won't be able to resist this small sewing machine planter. Inspired by an old treadle machine (show of hands, who else has one of those?!) this planter will never slip its belt, have its presser foot bent, or break a needle. 

This planter is glazed with non-toxic glaze, and can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Approximate Height: 5 inches
Approximate Width: 4.5 inches
Approximate Weight: 14 ounces

I learned ceramics like an old-school apprentice, at the feet of my grandmother who had a studio in the 1950s and 1960s, and many of the pieces I make are from now-vintage molds that she bought then, or are hand-build or wheel thrown, or even a combination of all three processes. My pieces are unique, hand painted, and proudly made in my own home studio. 

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