Seasonal Collections



Seasonal Collections, also called HaldeCrates, are themed Limited Edition Collections that come out a few times a year. Think of them as your one-stop-gift-shopping collection. Do you need to put together a nice birthday present or want a unique gift for a party host? Do you, yourself, need a little retail therapy? HaldeCrate does it all!


  • Themed Collections
  • Limited run ceramics
  • Limited edition yarns
  • Small batch soap & lotion
  • Mix & match within collections



If you have a relative or friend into that one quirky thing... say, pineapples? Or they live for their cats or dogs? Or Mardi Gras is their favorite holiday? And it's always tough to find something new for them that hasn't been gifted before? HaldeCrate Limited Edition Collections are the perfect way to put a gift together for your favorite person. Or for yourself!





Collections vary but typically include a mix of the following -

Ceramics - Content can vary depending on theme and time of year, but could contain mugs, soap dishes, yarn bowls, serving platters, incense burners, trinket dishes, teapots,  whiskey cups... anything!

Soap - Crates that contain soap and lotion will have them listed separately, but order both and get a free lip balm.

Yarn -  HaldeCrates are built on yarn! There are currently eight yarn bases from which to choose, which will all be dyed in a themed, limited-run colorway. If you are interested in pre-ordering yarn before the Collection is released (either to guarantee you get the base yarn or skein quantity you want) please contact me for details.

How to order: Go to the listing for the theme in which you are interested. Choose the items that you'd like to order, if available.





You can mix and match your crate however you'd like, with whatever quantity you'd like, within each theme; for example, if you just want the yarn, you only order as many skeins of that yarn that you want. If you only want the ceramics, you only order the ceramics you love, in whatever quantity you want. If you only want the soap, you only order the soap, as many bars as you can. Don't forget - ordering more than $30 at once gets you a 15% discount - but, available quantities are limited!

It's your gift crate, fill it how you'd like!

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