Do you like clubs, or things you order for yourself and then immediately forget about, meaning you get a surprise gift to yourself, from yourself? Do you like ceramics? Soap? Yarn? Do you need to put together a nice present or surprise gift? HaldeCrate is a multi-tasker!

Looking for ceramics? HaldeCrates can vary, depending on theme, but usually have at least a soap dish and a mug or cup of some sort. Some crates can have a third ceramic option.

Looking for soap? HaldeCrates can include a soap, hand lotion, and lip balm set, themed with the crate.

Looking for yarn? HaldeCrates are built on yarn! There are currently eight yarn bases from which to choose. The colorway is a mystery at first, hinted at, and revealed before the end of pre-orders so that you can decide if it's something you want just a skein of sock yarn in, or a whole sweater's quantity of worsted weight.

How to order: Go to the listing for the Crate in which you are interested. Choose the items that you'd like to order. (Pre-orders are the best way to guarantee the items you want - there's not always a lot of extras available for general sale.)

You can mix and match your crate however you'd like; for example, if you just want the yarn, you only pre-order the yarn. If you only want the ceramics, you only pre-order the ceramics. If you only want the soap set, you only pre-order the soap set. It's your crate, fill it how you'd like!