Heartfelt Connection

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Never before has the best way to show people we care about them been to stay far away from them. We were raised to check in on the people we care about, knock on our neighbor's doors, bring casseroles to people in times of need.

These days, "I found some hand sanitizer" and "here's some extra toilet paper" is the new "I love you".

Maybe there's a loved one who lives far away, that you'd like to send a hug to. Maybe there's a health care worker that you want to feel taken care of. Whether for a first responder, an elderly relative, a friend in a distant city (or a friend across town, even)... when they open this box, they're going to feel as if you are right there, hugging them.

Each set comes in a 6x6x6 box with colored crinkle paper and a little note card.

These boxes will not ship until Monday or Tuesday, April 27 or 28, 2020.

This gift box contains -
3 random bars of lightly scented HaldeSoap
1 random flavored vegan lip balm
2.7 ounces of a thick, unscented hand lotion
1.4 ounces of an unscented hand sanitizer

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