Herbal Fragrance Sampler (set of six guest soaps)

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Have you been wanting to dip your feet into the pool of herbal fragrances offered by HaldeCraft, but you don't know where to start? Or are you looking for a thoughtful housewarming or thank-you gift? Or need a selection of small things to hand out at an office party? No matter why you're looking at these lovely guest soaps, they are the answer to your needs! 

This is a set of six guest soaps and they come in the following six fragrances -

Advice from a Caterpillar - inspired by a scene in the beloved book, Alice in Wonderland... "You'll get used to it in time," said the Caterpillar; and it put the hookah into its mouth and began smoking again. Grassy and herbal, yet not smoky, this fragrance is exactly what you'd expect from someone who sits upon a mushroom thinking deep thoughts and dispensing obscure wisdom.

Osmanthus: a plant primarily native to Eastern Asia, although a few species do also grow in the southernmost regions of North America. It produces a small, white flower and is related to the olive tree; in some places it is also called Sweet Olive, or Fragrant Tea Olive. It smells so divine! It's a little herbal, herbaceous without being overly woodsy, and lightly floral.

Rosemary Mint: Destined to become your favorite need-a-pick-me-up soap, this is an eye-opening mix of rosemary, spearmint, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Minty fresh and refreshing!

Sage & Lemongrass: One sniff and you will want to know where this fragrance has been all your life. It's light, fresh, green, and both relaxing and a little energizing at the same time. A great pick-me-up fragrance, great for a treat for long soaks in the tub (but you'll want to use it every day).

Tortuga Hills: Mosses. Wild grasses. Yucca plants. Soap bark (a flowering plant sometimes confused for a relative to the rose). A little bit of a prairie breeze. Gum resin and a little bit of Frankincense for earthiness. This fragrance is both soothing and unforgettable; it's not a very overpowering fragrance - not spicy, not floral, definitely herbal and fresh and just a little down-to-earth.

Wild Mint & Ivy: If you like Sweetgrass, or Sage & Lemongrass, you’re going to love this one! It has base notes of patchouli and moss, is balanced with a bit of citrus and lavender, but all you really smell is the green, green notes of ivy, spearmint, peppermint, and everything fresh and green. Is green a fragrance? If you've ever stood in the middle of a grassy prairie and breathed in deeply, you know that green smell of grasses. Add a bit of mint to that and you've got Wild Mint & Ivy!


Looking to complete this gift set with some packaging? Organza bags or Craft paper bags are available here


The base of this soap has a creamy, custard color to it; but some fragrances - especially those containing vanilla - can cause the soap to darken to a tan or even a dark brown. I try to wait until this begins to happen to photograph my soap so that you are aware of what you are getting; however, it does get darker over time so your soap may be darker than photographed.

Approximate Height: 2 inches
Approximate Width: 2 inches
Approximate Weight: 1.25 ounces each/7.5 ounces for all six

Soap Ingredients: Glycerin, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Lauric Acid, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sorbitol, Triethanolamine, Sodium Chloride, Goat’s Milk Powder, EDTA, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance Oil

Interested in reading more about the soap ingredients, how this soap is made, and why?  Please check the FAQ page!


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